AVAIL - Hyperlapse of July 19 2019 Richmond VA

July 21, 2019  •  3 Comments

Avail - if you never saw them maybe you don't quite get it. The records were great. All of them. You feel the "but" coming... The records never lived up to the sweaty sing along stage dive fests that Avail shows were. The lyrics and the choruses begged to be sang. The fast parts begged for dives. The violence that plagued 90's shows was not present. The audience always felt communal during the dozen times I saw them in New York and New Jersey. They were a band that helped keep me in love with punk and hardcore and whatever Avail was. 

Being there in Richmond with over a 1000 people that seemingly knew every word, watching the band play like the last dozen years didn't exist was magic. Pure unadulterated magic. 

I shot the first night of their reunion and it was worth the drive. Worth the sweat. Worth the LONG ass drive back North. 

The club said no flash. I said ok and I shot as fast as my D5 would let me knowing I was going to put together a hyperlapse.

Here it is. 5000 plus images set to AVAIL's "Simple Song"

I hope i can find a way to shoot Brooklyn and/or Asbury Park - it was great to feel 20 again.






Ohio bob(non-registered)
Great job!!!! I have told many of my youngster friends about what show I would give anything to see one last time.... it came true. The way you describe the energy and the emotions a lot of us felt was exact. Avail meant so much to us in the Cleveland scene. And we felt like you said young again. To all the young people who haven’t seen them it’s a must see. It’s a community it’s an attitude and truly a great time. Totally agree about the non violence. It was as a buddy put it “like going to church” for a lot of us. Non religious people of course. Just people who love good music and great times. AVAIL SHOULD JUST TOUR ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!!!
This is just incredible and I can’t comprehend how you churned this out so fast after the show. Thanks for sharing your talent!
Shane Wilson(non-registered)
Avail was my first concert ever when I was 14. Saw them at Twisters, and every single show I have seen since has failed to reach the bar that, that first Avail show set. Fridays show was amazing and reminded me why that bar was so high. Tha is to your hard work I now have something besides the memories to remind me of how incredible Avail are and how no other show could possible be as fun. Thank you so much!
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