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Burn at Brooklyn Bazaar

May 12, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Burn played with Snapcase this week at Brooklyn Bazaar and did not disappoint. They never do. I didn't do as good as usual. I had a bad back and was at the chiropractor 3 times this week leading up to Friday Nights show but the band gave everything. I didn't get to move around the pit as much as usual so the images of Gavin, Tyler, and Abbas are limited compared to usual. Apologies guys. The adrenaline you provided was just what the doctor ordered...I am sore but much better today. 

The band played a killer set over 40 or so minutes featuring all 4 songs from the debut ep as well as tracks from their newest LP "Do Or Die" which came out on Deathwish Records last year. Seeing the band rework old songs and bring new but familiar energy is akin to watching a jazz quartet re-imagine a standard with finesse but also the power the band is known for.  so good. 


All images taken with Nikon D850 and 20 1.8 Nikkor lens. 



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