Beautiful And Pregnant

May 03, 2013  •  Leave a Comment
pregnant with zoe, cat was as beautiful as ever

There are shoots that you regret in life. Notice I said shoots. If you read it quick you may think you read shots. I don't think I've ever taken a shot I regret but there are lots and lots of shoots that I wish I had back. While Cathelin was pregnant with Zoe I saw her everyday. Was at every ultrasound, class, doctors appointment, late night kimchi craving run etc. I have plenty of good snapshots but only once was I able to get her to pose with a light etc in any kind of controlled setting.  I was doing more often than not my version of not being the guy on vacation with his eye to the viewfinder. I was trying to enjoy the forest, the trees, the leaves, the entire pregnancy enchilada.  I had never gotten a woman pregnant before. Wasn't sure I ever would again (found it doubtful) and at 37 years old wanted to be in the moment as much as possible. Now this shot - one of my favorites ever. Not technically perfect in any way. Not a great space, only one light, probably too shallow on the depth of field but it captured a moment in the life of my family that i'll never get to do again and i wish that I had them every week, or day, or hour...I know Cathelin might have lost her Zen but i'm so mad at the past me for not making it happen more often or getting this shot in a cool location that it's one of the only shoots that I regret. Not for what it produced - but for the fact that I wish I had made it even a better day, month, trimester, etc.....

thanks for letting me ramble - 

Love you kitty and Zoe (on the inside of that gorgeous belly yelling [in Zoe's own words] "let me out let me out give me milk give me milk!")


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