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4th of July 2018 South Brunswick New Jersey

July 07, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

My first 4th of July in suburbia and I wanted to document the fireworks as I've shot a lot of cool things during my life but never really shot fireworks.

D850 - Bulb Mode - ISO 100 - f/8

Lots of trial and error - using the WR-10 as my remote meant i was counting off the exposures in my head or simply based on the activity in front of me. I knew that at 4 seconds at my settings I was picking up the last pale light of the west as that was the direction my camera was facing and the sun had only set a little while before. Most of the exposures in this set are between 2 and 5 seconds with a few outliers on either direction. The shorter ones were either mistakes where I thought there would be more "boom" and got less or i was late and only exposed for what was left of the explosion. The longer ones were me messing around and mostly finding that because the majority of the display was straight up and down in the same spot I just ended up with an overexposed mess. 

Here you go! 

4th of July Timelapse 2018Timelapse created by about 150 images on July 6th 2018 during the South Brunswick Independence Day festivities. All images shot with Nikon D850





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