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Abandoned Beauty - Nikon D850 Edition

September 04, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Finally got to test the D850 in the type of places and situations that I love.  Not that the US Open stuff wasn't fun and eye opening when it comes to the possibilities for this camera but I am a lighting guy. A portrait shooter and I was dying for the chance to take it out. Still not shooting raw so these are jpg's out of the camera with some minor post but I'm still so impressed. I'm biased obviously but the camera is handling all i can throw at it. These images were lit with 3 SB-5000 flashes and controlled via the WR-10 system. The lights were either bare or I was using the MagMod grid. Carrying a ton of mods into these locations by myself isn't always the most practical location. What I noticed most was the AF is just so much better than the D810. I never really had a ton of issues with the AF on my D810 but I think now that I was coming at it with reduced expectations. If I had to go back to shooting that AF now I would notice it. The viewfinder is big and bright - the biggest i've ever shot on a DSLR and the focus caught no matter where Ink_Stained_Skin was. You can't tell here but there were plenty of shadows and tough light to deal with at this location. The touch screen makes changing power and modes on the Advanced Wireless Lighting system even easier than on the D5/D500 and the camera handles the big changes between light and dark with ease. Could this be the last camera i need? I always think that until Nikon amazes me with the next one but this really is the best DSLR i've ever shot. 




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