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View From Hotel Roof

October 31, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

For some reason I've always liked the top of the New Yorker building.  In the right angle (not the one i got) you have the sign and the empire state building in the same shot (i can see it but just the spire) For me being in Manhattan usually means work. I rarely take the time to sit and shoot. i used to more but lately i seem to be so caught up with helping my customers and the traffic and the noise that as soon as I'm done i'm leaving. My co-worker Melissa Dibartolo found a great spot at our hotel while we were working PhotoPlus and I set up my Nikon D850 with the 20 1.8 Nikkor lens on my Induro Baby Grand to get the steadiest shot I could. I wanted it for timelapses to keep things rock solid but it's proved so useful for my regular shooting as well. Love it. In any event - the camera. The file. wow. just. wow.

30 seconds at f/6.3 ISO 64




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