JC Photo & Media | Taking Back Sunday - You're So Last Summer Live at Amityville

Taking Back Sunday - You're So Last Summer Live at Amityville

October 05, 2016  •  1 Comment

sometimes you gotta go. I got a second chance to shoot Taking Back Sunday and this time after taking a lot of stills i decided to shoot some video with the Nikon D5. Turned down the recording volume to 1 so that I could get a a clean recording and just tried my best to stay in place as the crowd moved around me. Knee screaming at me that I'm getting old - a song that I have loved for over 14 years finished the set and the crowd gave Adam the song off for the most part. 

Thanks Eddie, John, Mark, Shaun, and Adam

Check back for Live shots and for a pretty epic hyperlapse - but first I am going to photograph the Met's playoff game today.


Taking Back Sunday - You're So Last Summer LiveTaking Back Sunday bring the Tidal Wave tour to Amityville NY. JCPhotoMedia.net captured stills and this video of the set closer You're So Last Summer from their debut album Tell All Your Friends.<br/>Video captured with Nikon D5



Thanks for this video! Even though you can't see me, at 1:55 I am the guy that Adam gave the mic to and I say "with my one last gasping breath." My friend sang the part before "and you could slit my throat." I have been looking for a video of this all day long, and now I finally found it. Awesome show!
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