Dynamic Range and The D810 II

November 09, 2015  •  1 Comment

I've had the camera over a year and it still never ceases to impress me. When explaining to people why I love the camera so much or when asked why it's the best camera I've ever shot or what makes it better than the D800 the answers come fast...

It's fast (5FPS and just snappy in it's Auto focus)...quiet...responsive...ergonomically it's the most comfortable camera to me. Those are all easy.

The one i have to explain to people more that are non-photographers and often also to photographers is the amazing amount of Dynamic Range that the camera has. What is dynamic range?

Dynamic range is the ratio between the largest and smallest values of a changeable quantity.

What that means in real terms is how much information can be captured between absolute black and absolute white. 

Below is an example where I underexposed a frame by a substantial amount. Rather than exposing for the scene I exposed for the highlights in the foreground and for the blue sky showing overhead. By doing this the rest of the frame was severely underexposed leaving no visible detail to my eye in much of the frame. 

After importing into lightroom - a program that doesn't even give the best results with the Nikon Raw (NEF) - in the matter of seconds I was able to pull details that weren't even visible to my eye in the location.

By moving the shadow and blacks sliders to the right in combination with moving the exposure by less than a stop the full detail of the shot came out without added noise or loss of detail. Slight tweaks to the dehaze filter and a touch of clarity finish the shot 

The finished result is this...


Mark Williams(non-registered)
Would Capture NX D work better? I love this, great shot.
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