Abandoned Beauty Animal Head Edition

August 20, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

When you are a portrait photographer that loves urbanexploration for the type of gritty locations it can give you for portrait photography rather than an UrbanEx photographer that takes portraits or doesn't you have to weigh things differently. For me it's always safety of the model at number 1. Then ease of access. Then how cool the space is. If it's just me I reverse those because I don't have to worry about the model and i want coolest place possible but when I decided to take a model with me I have to KNOW that I can keep them safe and that i can get in because it's not the same as when I'm shooting street fashion where if I don't like a location or it doesn't work for some reason i can just move on to the next one. I take time away from my daughter to pursue this, my models are all TFP meaning they are giving up valuable time from their lives in order to create something with me without compensation other than the hope that we can create something they will love as much as I do. One of the big reasons I work with a select group of models more than once is that when you find someone that you can count on to show up, be ready, and not get nervous creeping around abandoned spaces you keep them with you. When they inspire you to try new things you keep them. That is what a muse is right? thank you @ink_stained_skin for inspiring me to try new places and to strip away my process to the basics. Really excited by this image. One light. One lens. Nikon D5 with the amazing 105 1.4 Nikkor. One bare SB-5000.  JCPHOTOMEDIA.NET



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