Martine Coney Island

January 31, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Wind. Sand. Harsh over head light. All the makings of a beach day if it weren't 28 degrees out. 

I had big plans for the day shooting but those were overcome by the reality of conditions that weren't suited. Instead I tried my best to make lemonade out the bad light....

1 SB-5000 controlled via the Nikon WR-10 from the D5. The Nikon speedlight was modified in a MagMod MagSphere which did an amazing job helping the flash stay upright on a windy day. An umbrella or softbox wouldn't been a disaster to try to keep in place in the conditions. 

The first three seen here were taken with the Nikkor 105 1.4. The top two were at 1.8 and 1/8000th of second to control the ambient light and make the colors pop while the bottom was 1/4000th to let the ambient fill a bit more on the Coney Island Street




I then switched to the Nikkor 20 f/1.8 for a shot of one of the roller coasters and the construction. With the wide lens I stopped down to 2.2 aperture to get a decent amount of depth of field and then settled in at 1/8000th of a second to make rich colors in the sky and the ride...



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