Bane In NYC - Last Show of Final Tour

June 02, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

and it came to this. 5 nights in 4 cities with 10000 shots and videos and a lost tooth and a hoarse voice and sore shins and broken gear and it's all worth it but I feel like i lost something. I know I have two more shows and I know that they are going to be epic but I can't help but feel empathy for the guys in the band and the countless longtime friends that have shown up to watch this. I've come to love the guys. All of them. Plus Dan and Dave and Joe who are killing it on their doc and i don't want it to end. I miss my daughter but I want this to go on and on shooting every night and seeing more of what makes the guys tick and seeing the looks on the kids faces in the crowd and the sing alongs and pile ons and i'm mad at the guys for being so final about it. Not my place to be mad. Not my band or my life and I get it that it can be "time to grow up" but I find myself wishing that they'd have left a door open. I also find myself mad at the kids that didn't appreciate this when it wasn't the last this or that. Why didn't you all appreciate that you had one of the best pure hardcore bands in the world in your midst bringing it every night. No tough guys posturing. No lyrics i can't comprehend. Fast parts, slow parts, sing along, jump in the air and do it again. I don't mean to make it sound like Bane is generic. Far from it but they are a hardcore band. No mistaking them for metal or emo or anything else. And the lyrical content will always set them apart. Some people would tell you Aaron is preachy. Well fuck that shit. You don't get in a hardcore band to make money so you sure as shit better have something to say. I love these guys and I sure as hell hope that I get to see them again someday either as Bane or at a card table or in another endeavor or just at dinner. I love you guys. 

Never been much good at saying goodbye.

Bane - Superhero & Final Backward Glance NYC Last Show

Bane - All The Way Through & Can We Start Again NYC Last Show of Tour



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