Baned in DC with 5 More Places to Play

May 13, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Rolling into DC on Wednesday was like that feeling i get when i have to go to an event I don't want to go to. I would have a good time once I was there, I would see people that I loved, and it would all work out fine in the end but just by getting in the car and driving to DC i was acknowledging the beginning of the end of something that has been a blessing to me. Getting to actually know the band is what's going to make this so hard. I do think that I will see the boys again in the future - my job takes me to Mass often but after June it'll never be THIS again. I was suffering from empathy as well thinking about what the guys were going through. It's not easy to be around people knowing the end is coming. I've spent my time in cancer wards and it's like that. You get the smiles and the jokes on occasion but you all know why you are here. It's a testament to the members of Bane that they never let it feel that way. Every night felt like a celebration of what the was was and is rather than an ending. I love you guys and this is a big part of it. No matter what happens I hope you know that what you did was special. 

Since the first Hyperlapse i shot for the band on the first date of the last tour in Jersey they have been a hit. At DC's Rock N Roll Hotel the lights were super cool if I was watching the show. Somewhat difficult for shooting the show but the Nikon D5 handled it well. These are all straight out of the camera jpgs stitched together and then the music was added in imovie 

Right here right now It's never felt more real than this Right here right now The depths of my heart I've been abandoned my whole life Sad songs, early deaths Bones piled to my knees It's always been the minor-chords for me So if it's the last scene Make it a bloody scene Because when I die I want it to be because someone hates me With every fiber of their being
I won't carry you in my heart You are my heart My everywhere and everything The walls I'll climb and the wars I'll fight
Loved you in the deepest way Became the man who I am today You made me feel just like a hammer In a world lined with nails
I'm not walking away from here With a bunch of things I still need to declare A wasted life is worse than death It's up to you to figure out the rest This is my final backward glance I've never been much good at saying goodbye



Bane - Washington DC Hyperlapse


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