5 Days with Bane

May 09, 2016  •  2 Comments

Me posting images and video of Bane probably seems like a broken record by now. Especially to anyone that is reading this that is not a hardcore fan or a Bane fan. I apologize in advance and you should know that after june there are no more Bane shows for me to shoot. 

The thing is that they went from being a band that i liked a lot to a bunch of guys that I love. I shot the band in DC, Baltimore, Philly twice, and then NYC for the last show of the last tour. All that remains now is two shows in Worcester in June before we put to bed one of the great hardcore bands of all time. Does that sound like hyperbole? Maybe it does but in my mind after what I've seen for the last couple of years is a band that instantly brings me back to the days of pile-ons, sing alongs, stage dives, etc that made me a 44 year old hardcore kid. You don't get to be 44 and still like punk rock without something branding itself in you at an early age and when I was close to being done with it along came a new group of bands with Bane at the forefront that pulled me right back in. 

No tough guy posturing.

No this is what I say but not what I do

I'm pissed at you guys in a way that you can only be when you love someone. I don't want it to end. 

So 5 days 350 GB and about 8000 pics and a lost tooth. wow. lets hope i find a keeper or two. 


Bane Superhero and Final Backward Glance"I won't carry you in my heart - you are my heart"


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Steve - there are about 1000 in the works - starting today I will start putting some images up
Any pictures from those five days going up at all?
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