108 at Saint Vitus - Songs of Separation and Holyname Matinee

May 23, 2016  •  1 Comment

I've seen 108 Singer Robert Fish front many bands over the years since the late 80's and the thing that they always had in common was passion. Whether it was anger, despair, joy, or love at the core of his lyrics and his stage persona was a passion for what he was doing. On May 22nd 2016 Rob and Vic DiCara brought the Hare Krishna hardcore of 108 to Brooklyn for a pair of sold out shows at Saint Vitus. I was only able to attend one of the shows and for me I was glad that it was the early show featuring tracks from Holyname and Songs of Separation since those are the two that I love the most from a really good catalog of records. Super-bonus for people as old as me was a special appearance by Kate Reddy known in hardcore circles as Kate-O-8 from her years playing with the band. Super bonus #2 Sunny from Hate5Six brought a conch from his recent travel to India and blew it at the beginning of the set to start off the mayhem that is the song Holyname. 

All shots were taken with the Nikon D5 and the 16 2.8 fisheye. Lighting came from the SB-5000 and ISO's were anywhere from 10K to 16K for this shoot. The camera is amazing at finding focus through tough conditions and the flash is spot on accurate and keeping up even when I'm shooting it at 12 frames per second. 

As has become my custom I created a HyperLapse of the show using all the stills that I took during the set plus a few seconds of live footage also shot with the D5 for the start. 



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